One Having Authority


When Jesus finishes the sermon on the mount, we move from a time of extended teaching to a time of extended action. But the effect on the people is the same, and for the same reason: the people are blown away because of the authority with which Jesus speaks and acts. When the scribes taught, they cited previous scribal rulings and the traditions of the elders. When the old testament prophets taught, and even when Moses himself taught, they said, “Thus says the LORD.” But when Jesus taught, he said, “I say to you.” And he acted with the same authority – an authority greater than the scribes, greater than the prophets, greater even than Moses. Indeed, the only one who spoke and acted with the authority Jesus did was God himself.  And that is precisely Matthew’s point. Jesus is not only the new Moses, he is Immanuel, God-in-the-flesh, the living Word, the capstone of all prophesy, the perfection of all revelation, and the deliverer of mankind and the world. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening.  –Alan Burrow

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