Jesus and Little Ones


Marriage and children—these are two of the things God uses to force righteousness down out of the sky into actual lives. Is there anywhere else where the rubber so meets the road? It is no surprise that the hearts of parents (fathers especially) turned toward their children is one of the first signs of revival. (Luke 1.13, 16-17.) The essential impulse of parents whose hearts have been turned by the Spirit toward their children is what we find in Mat 19.13—they bring their children to Jesus. This doesn’t mean the parents drop their children off at church, or even that the parents attend church for their children’s sake—so they can participate in all the right programs. That is not bringing children to Jesus. Parents bring children to Jesus in only one way: The parents themselves come to Jesus, and they bring their children with them. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. —Alan Burrow

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