Jesus and the Meaning of Discipleship


The victory of Jesus and the launching of the worldwide kingdom of heaven lay beyond two paradoxical and almost inconceivable events – the death of the Messiah and the destruction of Jerusalem – both of which spelled utter defeat in the minds of the disciples. In the transfiguration, Jesus assures the disciples that the road of the cross and judgment on Jerusalem is really the way to the glorification of Christ, and the way to the kingdom, and therefore the way of life for the disciples and for the world. But the way of the cross is not just for Jesus, it is also for all those who follow him. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. -Alan Burrow* The victory of Jesus and the launching of the worldwide kingdom lay beyond what two inconceivable events?* What did these events mean in the minds of the disciples?* Why did Peter rebuke Jesus?* Who is Peter speaking for?* What was the traditional Jewish conception of the Messiah?* What was not the problem with this traditional conception?* What was the problem with this conception?* How must Jesus re-calibrate the disciples’ understanding?* What would the enthronement of Jesus mean?* Where does God always bring judgment first?* What assurance does Jesus give the disciples that the cross for him and judgment for Jerusalem is the way to glory, life, and blessing?* What is the significance of the appearance of Moses and Elijah?* Why do the disciples ask about Elijah?* Who was the Elijah to come?* How did John’s martyrdom tie in with Jesus’ coming crucifixion?* How does the Father’s testimony tie in with Jesus’ teaching on discipleship?* Where is Peter standing when he rebukes Jesus?* What is the first duty of a disciple?* What is Jesus saying when he tells Peter to “get behind” him?* Why does Jesus call Peter Satan?* What does the stumbling block entail?* Who is the cross essential for?* How have Jesus’ words of self-denial and taking up of one’s cross often been interpreted?* In context, what was Jesus talking to his disciples about?* Why was Jesus saying this?* What is the “line in the sand” that Jesus draws?* What does Jesus demand?* What did the Father promise to Jesus and Jesus promise to the disciples?* What is the starting point for understanding and applying Jesus’ words?* Why is denial of the self through extreme discipline or asceticism is not the heart of what Jesus has in mind?* What does losing one’s life for Jesus’ sake mean?

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