Jesus Is the True Israel


In Matthew’s account of the Magi, we saw that Jesus is the true Temple where God’s presence dwells. Accordingly, all who want to worship God must come to Jesus. And in our text today, we see that just as Old Testament Israel was defined by the presence of God in the Temple, so now God is redefining Israel around the presence of God in Jesus. In other words, Jesus is true Israel. And in Jesus, God is reliving the story of Israel, succeeding everywhere she failed, being faithful everywhere she wasn’t, loving God and man as she should have but never did. This theme of Jesus as true Israel, and Jesus reliving Israel’s story and fulfilling her calling and destiny, will serve as the spine of Matthew’s gospel. And when we get to the climax of the story, we will see that all of Jesus’ reliving and fulfilling of Israel’s story, calling, and destiny will be to qualify him to die, and in his death to conquer death. In the end, Jesus, true Israel, will be the true Passover Lamb. His death alone, His shed blood alone, His resurrection alone, will accomplish what neither Abraham nor Moses nor David nor any other was ever able to do – conquer Satan, sin, and death, and inaugurate a new creation, a new mankind, and a new history of the world. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. -Alan Burrow

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