Joseph, a Just Man


Like most birth stories, the story of Jesus’ birth contains comparatively little about the baby. Jesus entered this world like all babies; everything had to be done for Him. So the story is mostly about those who were caring for Jesus, especially his parents, Mary and Joseph. Luke presents the story through the eyes of Mary and of her relatives, Zacharias and Elizabeth. But Matthew presents the story through the eyes of Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive father. History has not been kind to Joseph. He is little mentioned in typical tellings of the Christmas story, and in many paintings, he stands aside with Mary and Child in the spotlight. The assumption is that Joseph was a nice bit player. But Matthew portrays Joseph very differently. He was the man, of all men, whom God chose to lead and protect Mary and Child and to raise His only begotten Son. Joseph was a “just man” who proved himself to be a model disciple and husband, a picture of masculine love, and a type of Christ Himself. (Mat 1.19.) I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. –Alan Burrow

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