2014.10.26Reformation Day Sermon 2014Matthew 28:18-20
2014.10.19Good Dancing - Marriage and LeadershipGenesis 3:1-19
2014.10.12Marriage is a Dance. Marriage is a MealEphesians 5:22-33
2014.10.05Your Marriage Doesn't Belong to You1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2014.09.28Marriage is a Three Party UnionMalachi 2:15
2014.09.21Marriage isn't a Necessity, It's a PrivilegeEphesians 5:30-32
2014.09.14The Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-20
2014.09.07The Resurrection of JesusMatthew 27:55-28:15
2014.08.31The Crucifixion of JesusMatthew 27:27-54
2014.08.17The Chief Priests, the People, and PilateMatthew 27:11-26
2014.08.10The Chief Priests and EldersMatthew 27:1-26
2014.08.03Peter and JudasMatthew 26:69-27:10
2014.07.27Jesus' Arrest and TrialMatthew 26:47-68
2014.07.13The Garden of GethsemaneMatthew 26:31-46
2014.11.02Good Dancing - Marriage, Sense, and SensibilityProverbs 14:1
2014.11.09Good Dancing - Marriage and Giving YourselfActs 20:35
2014.11.16Christian Singleness 1Matthew 19:12
2014.11.23Christian Singleness 21 John 2:14, 1 Cor. 7:34
2014.11.30Joy to the WorldPsalm 98
2014.12.07O Come EmmanuelMatthew 1:23
2014.12.14Messiah - Its Men and MakingIsaiah 9:6,7
2014.12.21Messiah - Its Message and PowerRevelation 11:15, 19:6, 16
2014.12.28The Christ Hymn of ColossiansColossians 1:15-20
2015.01.04Serving Christ in a Crumbling WorldHebrews 12:18-13:17
2015.01.11The Elephant in the World's Living RoomPsalm 8:2
2015.01.18Guideposts for Politics1 Timothy 2:1-4
2015.01.25More Guideposts for PoliticsMatthew 10:16
2015.02.01Still More Guideposts for PoliticsMatthew 10:16
2015.02.08The Heart of Parenting1 Corinthians 4:15, 11:1
2015.02.15Great ExpectationsHosea 11:1
2015.02.22End Game, Mid-Game, Early GameEcclesiastes 10:16,17
2015.03.01The Early Game - Laying the FoundationEphesians 6:1-4
2015.03.08Early Game - The Training of the LordHebrews 12:5-11
2015.03.15Finding HappinessProverbs 3:13-18
2015.03.22Knowing GodMatthew 5:43 - 6:6
2015.03.29How We Know GodJohn 14:12-26
2015.04.19Meeting with God in ScriptureLuke 24:13-32
2015.04.26Meeting with God in PrayerMatthew 6:6-13
2015.05.03Taker or Producer?Proverbs 1:10-19
2015.05.10True Masculinity: Laziness or DiligenceProverbs 6:6-11
2015.05.31The Opposite SexProverbs 5:1-23
2015.06.07Every Good GiftJames 1:16-17
2015.06.14Understanding Beauty and AdornmentEzekiel 16:6-16
2015.06.21Understanding Modesty1 Timothy 2:8-10
2015.06.28The 'Why' of Marriage and SexEphesians 5:30-32
2015.07.05Born What Way?1 Cor. 6:9-11
2015.07.19Be Ready to Give a Defense1 Peter 3:14-16
2015.07.26True Victims and the Politics of VictimhoodEcclesiastes 4:1
2015.08.02Adorning the Heart1 Peter 3:3-5
2015.08.09You Are in a Story, and It Involves ParentsProverbs 3:1-26
2015.08.16America's Two MoralitiesIsaiah 5:20
2015.08.23Friends and FriendshipJohn 15:15
2015.09.06True FriendsProverbs 12.26
2015.09.13Romance and CourtshipProverbs 30:18-19
2015.09.20Love and Patience1 Corinthians 13:4
2015.09.27The Great NeverthelessPsalm 73
2015.10.04Love is Kind1 Corinthians 13:4
2015.10.11Love Does Not Envy1 Corinthians 13:4
2015.10.18Love is Not Proud1 Corinthians 13:4,5
2015.10.25Psalm 2Psalm 2
2015.11.01Love is Not Proud (Part 2)1 Corinthians 13:4,5
2015.11.08Love in Not Provoked1 Corinthians 13:5
2015.11.15Love Thinks No Evil1 Corinthians 13:5d
2015.11.22Love Rejoices Not in Unrighteousness But in the Truth1 Corinthians 13:6
2015.11.29All the Righteous Blood Shed on EarthMatthew 23:34-39
2015.12.06To Give His Life a Ransom for ManyMatthew 20:28
2015.12.13To Be the Propitiation for Our Sins1 John 4:10
2015.12.20To Give Us All the Treasures of Wisdom and KnowledgeColosians 2:1-3
2015.12.27The Rise of Victimhood CultureProverbs 19:11
2016.01.03Biblical Justice in a Victimhood CultureExodus 23:1-9
2016.01.10Love Overcomes1 Corinthians 13:7
2016.01.17Love, the Measure of All Things1 Corinthians 13:1-3
2016.01.24Abraham TestedGenesis 22:1-19
2016.01.31The Greatest of These1 Corinthians 13:8-13
2016.02.07Love in the Life and Mission of the Church1 John 13:31-35; Ephesians 3:14-19
2016.02.14Love in ActionRuth 4:13-17
2016.02.21Pursue Love1 Cor. 14:1
2016.02.28First ThingsHebrews 12:25-28
2016.03.06First ThingsDeuteronomy 30:19
2016.03.13Thinking Biblically About ImmigrationEzekiel 16:1-15
2016.03.20Our Children in God's EyesEzekiel 16:20-21
2016.04.03The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 1)Gen. 1:27, 2:22-24
2016.04.10The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 2)Numbers 1:1-3
2016.04.17The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 3)Genesis 1:27; 2:21-24
2016.04.24Identity Politics (Part 1)John 7:24
2016.05.01Identity Politics (Part 2)John 4:5-26
2016.05.08Ascension Sunday 2016 HomilyJohn 20:11-17
2016.05.15Pentecost and IsraelJeremiah 31:31-34
2016.05.15Getting to Know the Third PersonJeremiah 31:31-34
2016.05.22Identity Politics (Part 3)Matthew 8:5-13
2016.05.29Multiculturalism (Part 1)Acts 17:16-34
2016.06.05Multiculturalism (Part 2)Acts 17:16-34
2016.06.12The End of Naturalism (Part 1)Ecclesiates 3:10-17
2016.06.19The End of Naturalism (Part 2)Romans 1:20-22
2016.06.26Gollum Science or Smeagol ScienceRomans 1:18-21
2016.07.03Recovering "Unalienable RightsPsalm 119:44-55
2016.07.10What Now Do We Seek? (Part1)Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 29:7
2016.07.17What Now Do We Seek? (Part 2)Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 29:7
2016.07.24Climate Change (Part 1)Genesis 1:26-28
2016.07.31Climate Change (Part 2)Genesis 8:20-9:1, 7-13
2016.08.07Climate Change (Part 3)Genesis 1:26-28
2016.08.14You Are My Son, Today I Have Begotten YouPsalm 2
2016.08.21Kingdom Primer: The Book of DanielDaniel 4:30-37
2016.08.28The Kingdom - Why We Get It WrongMatthew 24:1-2, 29-34
2016.09.11A Missions LetterRomans 15:14-32
2016.09.18The Gospel of GodRomans 1:1-13
2016.09.04The Kingdom - Why We Get it Wrong (Part 2)Acts 17:31-32
2016.09.25The Double Portion2 Kings 2:1
2016.10.02I Am Not Ashamed of the GospelRomans 1:14-17
2016.10.09Why the Wrath of God?Romans 1:18-21
2016.10.16The Way Life IsRomans 1:21-31
2016.10.23Spirituality and SexualityRomans 1:21-32
2016.10.30Reformation Sunday 2016Matthew 28:18-20
2016.11.06The God of All Circumstance1 Samuel 30:1
2016.11.13What Now Do We Seek? What Now Do We Do?1 Timothy 2:1-4
2016.11.20Spirituality and ConflictRomans 1:28-32
2016.11.27Thankfulness1 Thessalonians 5:18
2016.12.04The MagiMatthew 2:1-11
2016.12.11The Star of BethlehemMatthew 2:1-11
2016.12.18JosephMatthew 1:18-25
2017.01.15Our Imbedded Moral SenseRomans 2:14-16
2017.01.22Getting a Biblical Frame of Reference1 Chronicles 12:32
2017.01.01What Time is It?Psalm 90
2017.01.29RationalismMatthew 4:3-4
2017.02.05Progressivism - Part 1Deuteronomy 17:18-20
2017.02.12Progressivism - Part 2Proverbs 8:36
2017.02.19Progressivism - Part 3Deuteronomy 6:4-7
2017.02.26Progressivism , Wealth, and Private PropertyDeuteronomy 8:10-18
2017.03.12JudgingRomans 2:1-2
2017.03.19Man's Judgement; God's JudgementRomans 2:1-2
2017.03.26Judgement and Good NewsRomans 2:3-8, 16
2017.04.02Final Judgement - Who and WhatRomans 2:6-10, 16
2017.04.09Final Judgement - Focus and StandardRomans 2:4-16
2017.04.23Final Judgement for Believers2 Cor. 5:1-10; 1 Cor. 3:8-15
2017.04.30Gold and Silver, Hay and StrawRomans 2:6-8; 1 Cor. 3:10-15
2017.05.07Look to the Empty TombMatthew 27:62
2017.05.14HypocrisyRomans 2:17-24
2017.05.21Formalism: What It Is and Isn'tRomans 2:25-29
2017.06.11The New BeginningDaniel 9:1,9,17
2017.06.18You Are SeedGenesis 2:4-7
2017.06.25Buried Treasure in Daniel's PrayerDaniel 9:1
2017.07.02God in the Flesh1 John 1:1-2
2017.07.09Understanding the Jews Objection to the Gospel and Yet Their Great Need for ItRomans 2:28-29
2017.07.16What Was the Advantage of Being an Israelite?Romans 3:1-4
2017.07.23In Defense of God's Sovereignty and GraceRomans 3:5-8
2017.07.30What's with the Name?1 Corinthians 1:1-3
2017.08.06All Under SinRomans 3:9-18
2017.08.13That Every Mouth May Be StoppedRomans 3:19
2017.08.20God's Righteousness Revealed through Christ's Faithfulness to All Who BelieveRomans 3:20-22
2017.08.27Worship - Part 1Romans 12:1-2
2017.09.03Worship - Part 2Romans 12:1-2
2017.09.10Christ Redeems Us by Paying a Debt We Were Helpless to PayRomans 3:23-25
2017.09.17Christ Delivered Us from a Judgement We Were Helpless to AvoidRomans 3:23-26
2017.09.24Justified Freely by God's GraceRomans 3:23-26
2017.10.01A Propitiation by His BloodRomans 3:23-26
2017.10.08Christ Delivers Us From a Slave Master We Were Helpless to Get Free OfRomans 3:23-26
2017.10.15Why and How to Think About the ReformationJeremiah 9:24; 2 Chronicles 16:9
2017.10.22The Core of the ReformationMatthew 7:24-27
2017.10.29The Maiden, the Prince, and the DragonRevelation 12
2017.11.05Scripture, Authority, Tradition, and the Church1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 11
2017.11.12Solo Scriptura and the Radical ReformationActs 8:26-37
2017.11.19The City of God and the City of ManHebrews 11:1-16
2017.11.26Sola Scriptura and Modern NaturalismMatthew 7:24-27
2017.12.03God Begins to StirLuke 1:1-25
2017.12.10Gabriel Visits Mary, Who Visits ElizabethLuke 1:26-56
2017.12.31The Birth of JesusLuke 2:1-20
2018.01.07Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned?Acts 17:16-34
2018.01.14Making Sense of the Chaos and CarnageJohn 11:32-44
2018.01.21Hypocrisy and Virtue SignalingMatthew 6:1-2, 15:3-7
2018.01.28Unction and Seduction1 John 2:18-29
2018.02.04The Kingdom of GodDaniel 2:31-35
2018.02.11ConversionDaniel 4:28-37
2018.02.18WitnessActs 17:22-31
2018.02.25Wisdom1 Corinthians 14:20
2018.03.04Faith and Law, Jew and GentileRomans 3:27-31
2018.03.11What Did Abraham Receive?Romans 4:1-25
2018.03.18Promise, Faith, Circumcision, and LawRomans 4:9-16
2018.03.25The Problem with the LawRomans 4:14,15
2018.04.08Perseverance, Character, and the Hope of GloryRomans 4:16-5:5
2018.04.15The Assurance of Our HopeRomans 5:5-11
2018.04.22The Big PictureRomans 5:12-21
2018.04.29Union with ChristRomans 6:1-5
2018.05.06Be Angry and Sin NotEphesians 4:26
2018.05.13Recovering Christ's AscensionJohn 20:11-17
2018.05.20Pentecost and the KingdomLuke 13:20-21
2018.05.27You Are My Son, Today I Have Begotten YouPsalm 2
2018.06.03Sit at My Right Hand (Part 1)Psalm 110
2018.06.10Sit at My Right Hand (Part 2)Psalm 110
2018.06.17Basic Biblical Cosmology, Typology, and SymbolismGenesis 1:1-10
2018.06.24Two Basic Biblical Story LinesLuke 9:28-31; John 3:26-29
2018.07.01Biblical Storylines: The Church in the WildernessEzekiel 20:34-38
2018.07.08Understanding Apocalyptic LanguageIsaiah 13:1-19
2018.07.15Distinguishing Final and Temporal JudgementActs 17:22-31
2018.07.29The Olivet Discourse: Your House is Left to You DesolateMatthew 23:29 - 24:3
2018.08.05The Olivet Discourse: What Are the Disciples Asking?Matthew 24:1-3
2018.08.12The Olivet Discourse: See that No One Leads You Astray, and that You Do Not PanicMatthew 24:3-15
2018.08.19The Olivet Discourse: Let Those Who Are in Judea Flee to the MountainsMatthew 24:3-15
2018.08.26The Olivet Discourse: As in the Days of NoahMatthew 24:29-42
2018.09.02The Olivet Discourse: Who is a Faithful and Wise Servant?Matthew 24:42-25:30
2018.09.09The Olivet Discourse: Jesus Judging the NationsMatthew 25:31-32
2018.09.16The Olivet Discourse: Separating Sheep from Goats (Part 1)Matthew 25:31-34, 41, 46
2018.09.23The Olivet Discourse: Separating Sheep from Goats (Part 2)Matthew 25:33-46
2018.09.30Shaking Heaven and EarthHebrews 12:18-29
2018.10.07Worship, Thanksgiving, Love, and DevotionHebrews 12:28-13:3, 15-16
2018.10.14Treasuring MarriageHebrews 3:4
2018.10.21Spirituality and SexualityHebrews 3:4
2018.10.28Wealth and ContentmentHebrews 13:5-6
2018.11.04Contentment vs Coveting and EnvyHebrews 13:5-6
2018.11.11God and ProsperityHebrews 13:5-6
2018.11.18Authority and Submission (Part 1)Hebrews 13:7, 17
2018.11.25Authority and Submission (Part 2)Hebrews 13:7, 17
2018.12.02The Book of the Generations of Jesus ChristMatthew 1:1-17
2018.12.09The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-23
2018.12.16The Visit of the MagiMatthew 2:1-11
2018.12.23Joseph and Family Flee HerodMatthew 2:12-23
2018.12.30Jesus, Israel, and the WorldMatthew 2:13-21
2019.01.06What is a Christian?2 Peter 1:3-4
2019.01.13Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 1)Romans 6:1-11
2019.01.20Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 2)Romans 6:12-18
2019.01.27Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 3)Romans 6:19-23
2019.02.03Understanding the Law (Part 1)Romans 7:1-6
2019.02.17Understanding the Law (Part 2)Romans 7:7-13
2019.02.24Understanding the Law (Part 3)Romans 7:14-25
2019.03.03There Is No Condemnation for Those in Christ JesusRomans 8:1-4
2019.03.10You Are Not in the Flesh, But in the SpiritRomans 8:5-9
2019.03.17Children and Heirs of GodRomans 8:10-17
2019.03.24Suffering and GloryRomans 8:17
2019.03.31The Glory to be Revealed in UsRomans 8:18-25
2019.04.14Behold, Your KingMatthew 21:1-3
2019.04.28All Things for Our GoodRomans 8:26-29
2019.05.05The Personalness and Assurance of God's SalvationRomans 8:28-30
2019.05.12If God is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?Romans 8:31-32
2019.05.19Who Will Bring a Charge Against God's Elect?Romans 8:33-34
2019.05.26Who Will Separate Us from the Love of Christ?Romans 8:35-39
2019.06.16The Glory of Biblical Parenting1 Corinthians 4:15
2019.06.23Young Adulthood, Middle Years, Early YearsEcclesiastes 10:16
2019.06.30The Great NeverthelessPsalm 73
2019.07.07Three Characteristics of a Godly Parenting HouseholdHosea 11:1
2019.07.14Godly House RulesDeuteronomy 8:1-6
2019.07.21Imitating God in the Training of ChildrenHebrews 12:5-11
2019.07.28Laying the Foundation in the Early YearsProverbs 1:7-8; Ephesians 6:1-4
2019.08.04Laying the Foundation in the Early Years 2Proverbs 22:15
2019.08.11Laying the Foundation in the Early Years 2Proverbs 29:15-17
2019.08.18How to Destroy Your Church, Marriage, and LifeActs 5:1-11
2019.08.25A Revelation of the Gospel of Jesus ChristRuth 2:8-13
2019.09.01Final ThoughtsDeuteronomy 6:4-9
2019.09.08Finding HappinessProverbs 3:5-8, 11-15
2019.09.15Going to the Father in PrayerMatthew 6:6-13
2019.09.22Communing with God in His WordJohn 14:21-26
2019.09.29Substance, Depth, and GloryPsalm 1:1-6
2019.10.06FriendsProverbs 12:26
2019.10.13Love is Patient1 Corinthians 13:4
2019.10.20DiligenceProverbs 12:27
2019.10.27What in the World is Going On? Modernism1 Peter 3:15-16
2019.11.10God's Gift of Male and Female, Marriage and SexEphesians 5:24-25, 31-32
2019.11.17Harnessing RomanceProverbs 30:18-19
2019.11.24Gabriel Visits ZachariasLuke 1:1-17
2019.12.01Zacharias Receives a Sign, Elizabeth Conceives, Gabriel Visits MaryLuke 1:18-38
2019.12.08Mary Visits ElizabethLuke 1:39-56
2019.12.15The Birth of John and the Song of ZachariasLuke 1:57-80
2019.12.22The Birth of JesusLuke 2:1-20
2019.12.29They Are Not All Israel Who Are of IsraelRomans 9:1-9
2020.01.05In Isaac Your Seed Shall Be CalledRomans 9:6-9
2020.01.12The Older Shall Serve the YoungerRomans 9:10-13
2020.01.19Jacob I Have Loved, But Esau I Have HatedRomans 9:13
2020.01.26Is There Unrighteousness with God?Romans 9:14-18
2020.02.02Is There Unrighteousness with God? - Part 2Romans 9:14-16
2020.02.09Unless the LORD Had Left Us a SeedRomans 9:19-29
2020.02.16The Potter and the Clay (Part 1)Romans 9:19-29
2020.02.23The Potter and the Clay (Part 2)Romans 9:19-24
2020.03.01Justified Freely by God's GraceRomans 3:23-26
2020.03.08Faith in Christ vs 'Works of the Law'Romans 9:30-33
2020.03.15The Goal of the Law is Christ's Righteousness for All Who BelieveRomans 10:1-4
2020.03.22Thinking, Praying, and Living as Christians in Interesting TimesHebrews 12:22-28
2020.03.29The Word of Faith which We Preach (Part 1)Romans 10:5-8
2020.04.05The Word of Faith which We Preach (Part 2)Romans 10:8-10
2020.04.19Whoever Believes on HimRomans 10:11-13
2020.04.26There Is No Distinction Between Jew and GentileRomans 10:12
2020.05.03Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of GodRomans 10:14-18
2020.05.10I Stretched Out My Hands to a Contrary PeopleRomans 10:19-21
2020.05.17Has God Cast Away His People?Romans 11:1-12
2020.06.07God's One PeopleRomans 11:13-24
2020.05.24Recovering Christ's Ascension
2020.05.31Recovering Pentecost
2020.06.14The Depth of the Riches of the Wisdom of GodRomans 11:12-15, 25-36
2020.06.21Present Yourselves to God as Living SacrificesRomans 12:1
2020.06.28Do Not Be Conformed to This WorldRomans 12:2
2020.07.05Do Not Be Conformed to This World #2Romans 12:2
2020.07.12Do Not Be Conformed to This World #3Romans 12:2
2020.07.19Biblical Civil DisobedienceHebrews 10:19-25
2020.07.26We, Being Many, Are One Body in ChristRomans 12:3-8
2020.08.02Genuine LoveRomans 12:9-13
2020.08.09Genuine Love (Part 2)Romans 12:9-13
2020.08.16Overcome Evil with GoodRomans 12:14-21
2020.08.23Overcome Evil with Good (Part 2)Romans 12:14-21
2020.08.30Love is Kind1 Corinthians 13:4
2020.09.06Governing AuthoritiesRomans 13:1-7
2020.09.13Rendering to All Their Due While Seeking First the KingdomRomans 13:7
2020.09.20Why We Should Give Thanks for Our Founding Documents1 Timothy 2:1-4
2020.09.27Owe No One Anything Except to Love One AnotherRomans 13:8-10
2020.10.04Knowing the TimeRomans 13:11-14
2020.10.11Knowing the Time (Part 2)Romans 13:11-14
2020.10.18Love Does Not Envy1 Corinthians 13:4
2020.10.25It Is High Time to AwakeRomans 13:11-12
2020.11.01It Is High Time for Us to AwakeRomans 13:11-14
2020.11.08Walk Properly, As In The DayRomans 13:12-14
2020.11.15Love Is Not Proud1 Corinthians 13:4-5
2020.11.22Love Is Not Proud 21 Corinthians 13:4-5
2020.11.29The Great ResetMatthew 1:1-17
2020.12.06The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-23
2020.12.13Immanuel and the MagiMatthew 1:22-2:11
2020.12.20Joseph and Family Flee HerodMatthew 2:12-22
2020.12.27He Shall Be Called a NazareneMatthew 2:23
2021.01.03The Weaker Brother (Part 1)Romans 14:1-3
2021.01.10The Weaker Brother (Part 2)Romans 14:1-15:13
2011.11.27The Book of the Generations of Jesus ChristMatthew 1:1-17
2011.12.04The IncarnationMatthew 1:18-23
2011.12.11Joseph, a Just ManMatthew 1:18-2:23
2021.01.17The Assurance of Our HopeRomans 5:5-11
2021.01.24Suffering and GloryRomans 8:17
2021.01.31Paul's Purpose and PlansRomans 15:14-33
2011.12.18Jesus and the New TempleMatthew 2:1-12
2012.01.01Jesus Is the True IsraelMatthew 2:13-23
2012.01.08John the BaptistMatthew 3:1-12
2021.02.07Final WordsRomans 16
2021.02.14The War We Are In2 Corinthians 10:3-5
2012.01.15The Baptism of JesusMatthew 3:13-17
2012.01.22The Temptation of the Son of GodMatthew 4:1-11
2012.01.29Jesus' Public Ministry BeginsMatthew 4:12-25
2021.02.21The War We Are In (Part 2)2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:10-13
2012.02.05The Beatitudes: Building a City on a HillMatthew 5:1-16
2012.02.12Applying the BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-16
2012.02.19Jesus and the LawMatthew 5:17-20
2012.02.26Murder and the KingdomMatthew 5:21-26
2012.03.04Adultery and the KingdomMatthew 5:27-32
2012.03.11Falsehood and the KingdomMatthew 5:33-37
2021.02.28Who Will Separate Us from the Love of Christ?Romans 8:35-39
2021.03.07Identity Politics: Following Christ's ExampleJohn 4:5-26
2021.03.14The Importance of GenesisGenesis 1:1
2021.03.21Day 1Genesis 1:1-5
2021.03.28Day 2 - 3Genesis 1:6-10
2012.03.18Vengeance and the KingdomMatthew 5:38-48
2012.03.25Practicing Your RighteousnessMatthew 6:1-6, 16-18
2012.04.01When You PrayMatthew 6:7-9
2012.04.15Hallowed Be Thy NameMatthew 6:9-10
2012.04.22Give Us This Day Our Daily BreadMatthew 6:11
2012.04.29Forgive Us Our DebtsMatthew 6:12, 14-15
2012.05.06Lead Us Not Into TemptationMatthew 6:13
2012.05.13What Are You Giving Your Life To?Matthew 6:19-23
2012.06.03Do Not WorryMatthew 6:25-34
2021.04.11Four Things Creation Week Tells Us About GodGenesis 1:11-31
2012.06.10How to Be a Good JudgeMatthew 7:1-5
2012.06.17How Not to Communicate the GospelMatthew 7:6
2012.06.23Ask, Seek, KnockMatthew 7:7-11
2021.04.18Seven Associations God Has Built Into CreationNehemiah 9:6, Psalm 33:8-9
2021.04.25Seven Associations God Has Built Into Creation (Part 2)Nehemiah 9:6, Psalm 33:9
2021.05.02Love Is Not Provoked1 Corinthians 13:5
2021.05.09God Rests and Rejoices in His WorkGenesis 2:1-3
2013.06.15Who Is Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?Matthew 17:22-18.4
2013.06.02The Faith that Moves MountainsMatthew 17:14-21
2013.05.26Jesus and the Meaning of DiscipleshipMatthew 16:21-17.13
2013.05.05You Are Peter, and on this RockMatthew 16:13-19
2013.04.28Confessing the FaithMatthew 16:13-21
2013.04.21The Leaven of the Pharisees and SadduceesMatthew 16:1-12
2013.04.07Jesus, the Woman of Canaan, and Great FaithMatthew 15:21-28
2013.03.24Jesus, Food for Israel, and Food for the WorldMatthew 15:21-39
2013.03.17Jesus, the Pharisees, and DefilementMatthew 15:1-20
2013.03.10Jesus, the Church, and Stormy SeasMatthew 14:1-36
2013.03.03Jesus and His HometownMatthew 13:53-58
2013.02.24Jesus and the Treasure of the KingdomMatthew 13:44-52
2013.02.17Jesus and the Future of the Kingdom 2Matthew 13:24-43
2013.02.10Jesus and the Future of the Kingdom 1Matthew 13:24-43
2013.02.03Jesus and the Preaching of the KingdomMatthew 13:1-23
2013.01.27Jesus and the Family of GodMatthew 12:38-50
2013.01.20Servant, Savior, Strongman, SonMatthew 12:15-37
2012.09.02Jesus Sends Out the Twelve – part 1Matthew 9:35-10:42
2012.08.20The Needs of Israel; the Needs of MankindMatthew 9:18-35
2012.08.17What Happens When the Kingdom Comes into the World?Matthew 8:23-9.17
2013.09.08The First Fruit God DesiresMatthew 21:18-32
2013.08.25Kingdom AuthorityMatthew 20:17-34
2013.08.18The Last Will Be FirstMatthew 19:30-20.16
2013.08.11Reigning with ChristMatthew 19:27-29
2013.08.04In the RegenerationMatthew 19:27-29
2013.07.14Valuing Most What Is Most ValuableMatthew 19:16-26
2013.07.07Jesus and Little OnesMatthew 19:13-15
2013.06.30Jesus and MarriageMatthew 19:1-12
2013.06.16Loving Your Neighbor in the New Faith CommunityMatthew 18:5-20
2013.06.23How Often Shall I Forgive?Matthew 18:21-35
2012.08.10One Having AuthorityMatthew 7:28-8.22
2012.07.31Houses that Stand; Houses that FallMatthew 7:24-27
2012.07.24Who Will Enter the Kingdom?Matthew 7:21-23
2012.07.16You Will Know Them by Their FruitsMatthew 7:15-20
2012.07.12Narrow Is the GateMatthew 7:13-14
2012.07.09The Golden RuleMatthew 7:12
2014.06.22Jesus and Judas, Sovereignty and FreedomMatthew 26:21-25
2014.06.15The Last SupperMatthew 26:17-30
2014.05.26The Son of Man Will Be Delivered Up to Be CrucifiedMatthew 26:1-16
2014.05.20Jesus the Judge - Part 2Matthew 25:31-46
2014.05.11Jesus the JudgeMatthew 25:31-46
2014.05.04Who Is a Faithful and Wise Servant?Matthew 24:43–25:30
2014.04.27As in the Days of NoahAs in the Days of Noah
2014.04.06The Abomination of DesolationMatthew 24:15-20
2014.03.30Take Heed that No One Deceives YouMatthew 24:3-28
2014.03.21Your House Is Left to You DesolateMatthew 23:34-24:2
2014.03.16The Last Days, the End of the Age, and the World to Come
2014.03.09What's the Big Deal About the Destruction of Jerusalem
2014.03.02Christ's Coming
2014.02.26Understanding Apocalyptic Language
2014.02.17One Lord, One Kingdom, One Victory
2014.02.12One People, One History, One Destiny
2013.10.13The Greatest CommandmentsMatthew 22:34-40
2013.10.06God, Life, Marriage, and GloryMatthew 22:23-33
2013.09.29The God of Abraham, Isaac, and JacobMatthew 22:23-33
2013.09.22Rendering to God and CaesarMatthew 22:15-22
2014.07.06ApostasyMatthew 26:21-25
2014.06.29Sovereignty and SalvationMatthew 26:19-28
2021.05.16Recovering AscensionMark 16:19
2021.05.23Recovering PentecostRevelation 1:5
2021.05.30Recovering the Church: Warring Army, Chaste Bride, Glorious CityRevelation 19, 21
2021.06.06Recovering Conversion: Five Contributing TruthsDaniel 4:28-37
2021.06.13The Generations of the Heavens and the EarthGenesis 2:4-17
2021.06.27The SerpentGenesis 3:1
2021.07.04Believe, Pray, Build, Fight, TestifyMatthew 28:18-20
2021.07.11The Temptation Pt 1: Adam & JesusGenesis 3:1
2021.07.18The Temptation Pt 2: The Lie & the FallGenesis 3:1-6
2021.07.25The Consequences 1Genesis 3:7-15
2021.08.01The Consequences 2Genesis 3:16-21
2021.08.08The Consequences 3 - Expelled from the GardenGenesis 3:22-24
2021.08.15Cain and AbelGenesis 4:1-15
2021.08.22Two Lines of HumanityGenesis 4:16-5:24
2021.08.29The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men (Part 1)Genesis 5:25-6:8
2021.09.05The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men (Part 2)Genesis 6:1-8
2021.09.12The Days of Noah 1 - Seeing the ConnectionsGenesis 6:9-7:1
2021.09.19The Days of Noah 2 - More ConnectionsGenesis 6:9-7:1
2021.09.26The Days of Noah 3 - Noah the ManGenesis 6:9
2021.10.03Noah the Man 2Genesis 6:9
2021.10.10The Flood 1Genesis 6:12-7:24
2021.10.17God Remembers NoahGenesis 8:1-19
2021.10.24Learning from Noah's WorshipGenesis 8:20-22
2021.10.31The Noahic Covenant 1Genesis 9:1-17
2021.11.07The Noahic Covenant 2Genesis 9:1-17
2021.11.14Shem, Ham, and JaphethGenesis 9:18-29
2021.11.21The Geneology of the Sons of NoahGenesis 10
2021.11.28The Making of 'Messiah'2 Corinthians 12:9-10
2021.12.05The Power and Appeal of 'Messiah'Revelation 11:5; 19:6,16
2021.12.12Born to ReignIsaiah 9:6,7
2021.12.19Isaac Watts and 'Joy to the World'Psalm 98
2021.12.26O Come EmmanuelMatthew 1:23
2022.01.02The Assurance of Our HopeRomans 5:5-11
2022.01.16Made for MonogamyJohn 11:32-44
2022.01.09The Sufficiency of ChristJohn 7:37-39
2022.01.23BabelGenesis 11:1-9
2022.01.30Disciple NationsMatthew 28:18-20
2022.02.06Babel vs. Disciple NationsGenesis 11:4; Matthew 28:18-20
2022.02.13Babel vs. Disciple Nations 3Matthew 28:18-20; Ezekiel 16:13-14
2022.02.20Babel vs. Disciple Nations 4Matthew 28:18-20; Ezekiel 16:13-14
2022.02.27Babel vs. Disciple Nations 5Matthew 28:18-20; Ezekiel 16:14
2022.03.06The Magisterial ManifestoPsalm 101
2022.03.13The Church in an Unfaithful Nation in CrisisHebrews 12:22-28
2022.03.20From Shem to AbramGenesis 11:10-26; 12:1-3
2022.03.27Abram from Ur to CanaanGenesis 11:27-12:6
2022.04.03God's Call; Abram's ResponseGenesis 12:1-6
2022.04.10Abram in the Promised LandGenesis 12:7-12
2022.04.24Abram & Sarai in EgyptGenesis 12:10-20
2022.05.01Abram & Lot PartGenesis 13
2022.05.15Abram Defeats the Kings of the EastGenesis 14
2022.05.22Abram Believed and It Was Counted to Him for RighteousnessGenesis 15:1-6
2022.05.08Primeval ApologeticsEphesians 5:6
2022.05.29Say to My Brethren, 'I Ascend'John 20:11-17
2022.06.05Pentecost Sunday 2022Ephesians 1:7-10; 15-23
2022.06.12The LORD Made a Covenant with AbramGenesis 15:7-21
2022.06.19Sarai, Abram, and HagarGenesis 16:1-6
2022.06.26Hagar, Ishmael, and the God Who SeesGenesis 16:7-16
2022.07.03When Abram was Ninety-Nine, the LORD Appeared to HimGenesis 17:1-8, 15-22
2022.07.10The Last WordMalachi 4:1-6
2022.07.17CircumcisionGenesis 17:9-14, 23-27
2022.07.24Application: Our Children in God's EyesGenesis 17:1, 7, 11-12
2022.07.31Christ the Cornerstone1 Peter 2:4-10
2022.08.07The LORD Appears to Abraham and SarahGenesis 18:1-15
2022.08.14The LORD, Sodom, and AbrahamGenesis 18:16-33
2022.08.21The Table of the LORD for the Family of the LORDJoel 2:15-16
2022.08.28The Angels, Lot, and SodomGenesis 19:1-29
2022.09.04Application: The 'Why' of God's Design for Male & Female, Sex, Marriage & ProcreationEphesians 5:1-2, 22023, 25, 31
2022.09.11Application: Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned?Acts 17:16-34
2022.09.18Application: Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned? - Part 21 Corinthians 6:19-20
2022.09.25Application: Modern Lies, Biblical Truth1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 18-20
2022.10.02Octoberfest 2022: God's Kingdom Primer - The Book of DanielDaniel 2:31-45
2022.10.09Abraham, Sarah, and AbimelechGenesis 20
2022.10.16The Birth of Isaac and the Expulsion of IshmaelGenesis 21:1-21
2022.10.23The Bondage of Sin and the Battle Between the Spirit and the FleshGalatians 5:1, 16-25
2022.10.30Inheriting the PromisesGalatians 4:22-28
2022.11.06Inheriting the Promises 2Galatians 3:1-18
2022.11.13Inheriting the Promises 3Romans 4:9-13
2022.11.20Faith in Christ vs 'Works of the Law'Romans 9:30-33
2022.11.27The Book of the Generations of Jesus ChristMatthew 1:1-17
2022.12.04The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-23
2022.12.11Immanuel and the MagiMatthew 2:1-11
2022.12.18Joseph and Family Flee HerodMatthew 2:12-22
2023.01.01Jesus and the New ExodusMatthew 2:13-21
2023.01.08When the Earth ShakesHebrews 12:25-28
2023.01.15What is Worship?Romans 12:1-2
2023.01.22ScriptureMatthew 7:24-27
2023.01.29Pouring Concrete: Love in the Local ChurchHebrews 13:1-3
2023.02.05Pouring Concrete: Marriage and Its Sexual UnionHebrews 13:4
2023.02.12Pouring Concrete: ContentmentHebrews 13:5-6
2023.02.26Abimelech and Abraham Make a CovenantGenesis 21:22-34
2023.03.05Abraham Offers Up His Only SonGenesis 22:1-19
2023.03.12The Death and Burial of SarahGenesis 23
2023.03.19Isaac and RebekahGenesis 24
2023.03.26PerfectionHebrews 10:1-18
2023.04.02The Sons of AbrahamGenesis 25:1-18
2023.04.16Jacob and EsauGenesis 25:19-34
2023.04.23Men of Understanding and Action1 Chronicles 12:32
2023.04.30Jacob I Have Loved, But Esau I Have HatedRomans 9:6-13
2023.05.07Isaac in Trial and HardshipGenesis 26:1-33
2023.05.14Unless the Lord Builds the HousePsalm 127
2023.05.21Ascension Sunday 2023 SermonActs 1:9, Mark 16:19
2023.05.28Pentecost Sunday 2023 SermonRevelation 1:5
2023.06.04When Isaac Was Old and He Could Not SeeGenesis 26:24-27:40
2023.06.11Jacob and GodGenesis 27:41-28:22
2023.06.22Jacob, Rachel, Laban, and LeahGenesis 29:1-28
2023.06.25Mt. Zion: The Joy of All the EarthPsalm 48
2023.07.02The Good Work God Will CompletePhillipians 1:6
2023.07.09Jacob's Warring HouseholdGenesis 29:28-30:24
2023.07.16God Turns the Tables on LabanGenesis 30:25-31:16
2023.07.23Jacob Flees, Laban PursuesGenesis 31:17-55
2023.07.30Raising Children in the Paideia of GodEphesians 6:1-4
2023.08.06Jacob Wrestles with GodGenesis 32
2023.08.13Jacob and Esau Meet AgainGenesis 33
2023.08.20The Glory of Biblical Parenting1 Corinthians 4:15-16; 11:1
2023.08.27The King on the CrossJohn 18:1-6
2023.09.03Blueprint for Biblical ParentingEcclesiastes 10:16-17
2023.09.10Context of Biblical Parenting - A Godly HouseholdHosea 11:1
2023.09.17Context of Biblical Parenting - Godly Household RulesDeuteronomy 8:1-6
2023.09.24Laying the Foundation in the Early YearsEphesians 6:1-4