2015.01.11The Cross
2015.01.18Jesus the New Adam
2015.01.25The Resurrection of Jesus
2015.02.01Jesus' Ascension: The Forgotten Aspect of Redemption
2015.02.08Jesus, Fully Human, Fully Divine
2015.02.15The Benefits of Christ's Ascension
2015.02.22The Holy Spirit
2015.03.01The Church
2015.03.08The Communion of the Saints
2015.03.15The Forgiveness of Sins
2015.03.29Saved by the Righteousness of Christ
2015.04.19Saved by Grace Through Faith
2015.04.26The Sacraments
2015.05.10The Lord's Supper - One Bread
2015.05.03Baptism and Children
2015.05.31The Lord's Supper - Communicating Christ
2015.06.07The Lord's Supper and Children
2015.06.14The Rock the Church is Built On
2015.06.21Church Authority
2015.06.28Good Works
2015.07.191st Command: No Other Gods
2015.07.262nd Command: No Graven Images
2015.08.023rd Command: Taking God's Name in Vain
2015.08.09Christians and Oath Taking
2015.08.164th Command: The Sabbath
2015.08.235th Command: Honor Your Parents
2015.09.066th Command: No Murder
2015.09.137th Command: No Adultery
2015.09.208th Command: No Stealing
2015.09.279th Command: No False Witness (Part 1)
2015.10.049th Command: No False Witness (Part 2)
2015.10.18Understanding the Law
2015.11.01Prayer: Talking to God
2015.11.08Our Father...Hallowed Be Thy Name
2015.11.15Thy Kingdom Come
2015.11.22Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
2015.12.06Lead Us Not Into Temptation
2015.11.29Forgive Us Our Debts
2015.12.13What is Baptism?
2015.12.20To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever
2015.12.27God's Spoken Word
2016.01.03Church Membership
2016.01.10One God
2016.01.17God's Sovereignty, Man's Freedom
2016.01.31The Covenant of Life
2016.02.07The First Sin
2016.02.14What did Satan Gain Through Adam's Fall?
2016.02.28The Scandal of the Virgin Birth
2016.04.03The Present Reality of Christ's Kingship
2016.04.10Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation
2016.04.17God's Grace in Salvation
2016.04.24The Wonders of God in Salvation
2016.05.01The Goal of Salvation
2016.05.22Set Apart
2016.05.29The Benefits Believers Receive (1)
2016.06.05The Benefits Believers Receive (2)
2016.06.12The Law of Love
2016.06.19Preface to the Ten Commandments
2016.06.26The First Commandment
2016.07.03The Second Commandment
2016.07.10The Third Commandment
2016.07.17The Fourth Commandment
2016.07.24The Fifth Commandment
2016.07.31The Sixth Commandment
2016.08.07The Seventh Commandment
2016.08.14The Seventh Commandment (Part 2)
2016.08.21The Eighth Commandment
2016.08.28The Ninth Commandment
2016.09.11The Tenth Commandment
2016.09.18Walking in the Light
2016.09.25What Makes Some Sins Worse Than Others?
2016.10.02Repentance and Faith
2016.10.09How Will Christ Be with Us?
2016.10.16The Key to Understanding the Sacraments
2016.10.23Why is Prayer Hard?
2016.10.30Praying Like Royal Sons and Daughters
2016.11.13As We Forgive Our Debtors
2016.11.20Deliver Us from Evil
2016.11.27For Thine is the Kingdom, Power, Glory
2016.12.04Covenanting Together
2016.12.11Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
2016.12.18Why Does the NT Begin with a Geneology?
2017.01.22The Greatest Commandment
2017.01.29Falleness and Depravity
2017.02.05The Surprising Significance of Hell
2017.02.12The Crazy Incarnation
2017.03.19Meditation on God's Providence from Psalm 139
2017.03.26Christ is All You Need
2017.04.02The Christ Hymn of Hebrews 1
2017.04.09Christ - Son and Redeemer
2017.04.23Why Did Jesus Have to be God and Man
2017.04.30Jesus Suffered
2017.05.07If Salvation's the Solution, What's the Problem?
2017.05.21Christ's Ascension
2017.06.18Two Roles of the Spirit: Helper and Guarantor
2017.06.25The Church
2017.07.02Communion of the Saints
2017.07.09Forgiveness of Sin
2017.07.16The Resurrection
2017.07.23E ternal Life
2017.07.30Righteous in Christ
2017.08.06Inheritance vs. Wage
2017.08.13Repentence and Faith
2017.08.20What About the Sacraments?
2017.08.27Baptism and Identification
2017.09.03Hurricane Harvey and Identity Politics
2017.09.17Family Table, Family Life
2017.10.01Church Discipline
2017.10.08Good Works
2017.10.15Repentance and Faith
2017.10.22Good Works
2017.10.29No Other Gods Before Me
2017.11.052nd Commandment
2017.11.12Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
2017.11.26Honor Your Father and Mother
2017.12.03Do Not Murder
2017.12.10The 7th Commandment - No Adultery
2017.12.31Bearing False Witness Means More Than You Think
2018.01.07Don't Covet
2018.01.14The Purposes of the Law
2018.01.21Why Prayer is Hard
2018.02.04Hallowed Be Thy Name
2018.02.11Thy Kingdon Come
2018.02.18Thy Will Be Done
2018.02.25Our Daily Bread
2018.03.04Forgive Us Our Debts
2018.03.11Deliver Us from the Evil One
2018.03.18For Thine is the Glory
2018.03.25The Chief End of Man
2018.04.08God's Word to Us
2018.04.15The Trinity
2018.04.22The Sovereignty of God
2018.05.06Sin and the Law
2018.06.03Depravity, Freedom, and Election
2018.06.10Christ as God and Man
2018.06.18Christ the Ultimate Prophet
2018.06.24Jesus Our High Priest
2018.07.01Praying for All in Authority - Including Supreme Court Vacancies
2018.07.08The Meaning of Christ's Humiliation
2018.07.15Christ's Exaltation
2018.08.19The Benefits of Salvation Right Now
2018.08.26The Blessings of Believers at Death
2018.09.02The Blessings of Christ at the Resurrection
2018.09.09Sum of the Law: The Two Great Commandments
2018.09.16I Am the LORD Your God Who...
2018.09.23The First Commandment
2018.09.30The Second Commandment
2018.10.07The Third Commandment
2018.10.14The Fourth Commandment
2018.10.21The Fifth Commandment
2018.10.28The Sixth Commandment
2018.11.04The Seventh Commandment
2018.11.18The Ninth Commandment (Part 1)
2018.11.25The Ninth Commandment (Part 2)
2019.01.13Spiritually Dead
2019.01.20Union with Christ