2014-10-26Reformation Day Sermon 2014Matthew 28:18-20
2014-10-19Good Dancing - Marriage and LeadershipGenesis 3:1-19
2014-10-12Marriage is a Dance. Marriage is a MealEphesians 5:22-33
2014-10-05Your Marriage Doesn't Belong to You1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2014-09-28Marriage is a Three Party UnionMalachi 2:15
2014-09-21Marriage isn't a Necessity, It's a PrivilegeEphesians 5:30-32
2014-09-14The Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-20
2014-09-07The Resurrection of JesusMatthew 27:55-28:15
2014-08-31The Crucifixion of JesusMatthew 27:27-54
2014-08-17The Chief Priests, the People, and PilateMatthew 27:11-26
2014-08-10The Chief Priests and EldersMatthew 27:1-26
2014-08-03Peter and JudasMatthew 26:69-27:10
2014-07-27Jesus' Arrest and TrialMatthew 26:47-68
2014-07-13The Garden of GethsemaneMatthew 26:31-46
2014-11-02Good Dancing - Marriage, Sense, and SensibilityProverbs 14:1
2014-11-09Good Dancing - Marriage and Giving YourselfActs 20:35
2014-11-16Christian Singleness 1Matthew 19:12
2014-11-23Christian Singleness 21 John 2:14, 1 Cor. 7:34
2014-11-30Joy to the WorldPsalm 98
2014-12-07O Come EmmanuelMatthew 1:23
2014-12-14Messiah - Its Men and MakingIsaiah 9:6,7
2014-12-21Messiah - Its Message and PowerRevelation 11:15, 19:6, 16
2014-12-28The Christ Hymn of ColossiansColossians 1:15-20
2015-01-04Serving Christ in a Crumbling WorldHebrews 12:18-13:17
2015-01-11The Elephant in the World's Living RoomPsalm 8:2
2015-01-18Guideposts for Politics1 Timothy 2:1-4
2015-01-25More Guideposts for PoliticsMatthew 10:16
2015-02-01Still More Guideposts for PoliticsMatthew 10:16
2015-02-08The Heart of Parenting1 Corinthians 4:15, 11:1
2015-02-15Great ExpectationsHosea 11:1
2015-02-22End Game, Mid-Game, Early GameEcclesiastes 10:16,17
2015-03-01The Early Game - Laying the FoundationEphesians 6:1-4
2015-03-08Early Game - The Training of the LordHebrews 12:5-11
2015-03-15Finding HappinessProverbs 3:13-18
2015-03-22Knowing GodMatthew 5:43 - 6:6
2015-03-29How We Know GodJohn 14:12-26
2015-04-19Meeting with God in ScriptureLuke 24:13-32
2015-04-26Meeting with God in PrayerMatthew 6:6-13
2015-05-03Taker or Producer?Proverbs 1:10-19
2015-05-10True Masculinity: Laziness or DiligenceProverbs 6:6-11
2015-05-31The Opposite SexProverbs 5:1-23
2015-06-07Every Good GiftJames 1:16-17
2015-06-14Understanding Beauty and AdornmentEzekiel 16:6-16
2015-06-21Understanding Modesty1 Timothy 2:8-10
2015-06-28The 'Why' of Marriage and SexEphesians 5:30-32
2015-07-05Born What Way?1 Cor. 6:9-11
2015-07-19Be Ready to Give a Defense1 Peter 3:14-16
2015-07-26True Victims and the Politics of VictimhoodEcclesiastes 4:1
2015-08-02Adorning the Heart1 Peter 3:3-5
2015-08-09You Are in a Story, and It Involves ParentsProverbs 3:1-26
2015-08-16America's Two MoralitiesIsaiah 5:20
2015-08-23Friends and FriendshipJohn 15:15
2015-09-06True FriendsProverbs 12.26
2015-09-13Romance and CourtshipProverbs 30:18-19
2015-09-20Love and Patience1 Corinthians 13:4
2015-09-27The Great NeverthelessPsalm 73
2015-10-04Love is Kind1 Corinthians 13:4
2015-10-11Love Does Not Envy1 Corinthians 13:4
2015-10-18Love is Not Proud1 Corinthians 13:4,5
2015-10-25Psalm 2Psalm 2
2015-11-01Love is Not Proud (Part 2)1 Corinthians 13:4,5
2015-11-08Love in Not Provoked1 Corinthians 13:5
2015-11-15Love Thinks No Evil1 Corinthians 13:5d
2015-11-22Love Rejoices Not in Unrighteousness But in the Truth1 Corinthians 13:6
2015-11-29All the Righteous Blood Shed on EarthMatthew 23:34-39
2015-12-06To Give His Life a Ransom for ManyMatthew 20:28
2015-12-13To Be the Propitiation for Our Sins1 John 4:10
2015-12-20To Give Us All the Treasures of Wisdom and KnowledgeColosians 2:1-3
2015-12-27The Rise of Victimhood CultureProverbs 19:11
2016-01-03Biblical Justice in a Victimhood CultureExodus 23:1-9
2016-01-10Love Overcomes1 Corinthians 13:7
2016-01-17Love, the Measure of All Things1 Corinthians 13:1-3
2016-01-24Abraham TestedGenesis 22:1-19
2016-01-31The Greatest of These1 Corinthians 13:8-13
2016-02-07Love in the Life and Mission of the Church1 John 13:31-35; Ephesians 3:14-19
2016-02-14Love in ActionRuth 4:13-17
2016-02-21Pursue Love1 Cor. 14:1
2016-02-28First ThingsHebrews 12:25-28
2016-03-06First ThingsDeuteronomy 30:19
2016-03-13Thinking Biblically About ImmigrationEzekiel 16:1-15
2016-03-20Our Children in God's EyesEzekiel 16:20-21
2016-04-03The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 1)Gen. 1:27, 2:22-24
2016-04-10The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 2)Numbers 1:1-3
2016-04-17The Real War on Women ... and Men (Part 3)Genesis 1:27; 2:21-24
2016-04-24Identity Politics (Part 1)John 7:24
2016-05-01Identity Politics (Part 2)John 4:5-26
2016-05-08Ascension Sunday 2016 HomilyJohn 20:11-17
2016-05-15Pentecost and IsraelJeremiah 31:31-34
2016-05-15Getting to Know the Third PersonJeremiah 31:31-34
2016-05-22Identity Politics (Part 3)Matthew 8:5-13
2016-05-29Multiculturalism (Part 1)Acts 17:16-34
2016-06-05Multiculturalism (Part 2)Acts 17:16-34
2016-06-12The End of Naturalism (Part 1)Ecclesiates 3:10-17
2016-06-19The End of Naturalism (Part 2)Romans 1:20-22
2016-06-26Gollum Science or Smeagol ScienceRomans 1:18-21
2016-07-03Recovering "Unalienable RightsPsalm 119:44-55
2016-07-10What Now Do We Seek? (Part1)Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 29:7
2016-07-17What Now Do We Seek? (Part 2)Matthew 6:33; Jeremiah 29:7
2016-07-24Climate Change (Part 1)Genesis 1:26-28
2016-07-31Climate Change (Part 2)Genesis 8:20-9:1, 7-13
2016-08-07Climate Change (Part 3)Genesis 1:26-28
2016-08-14You Are My Son, Today I Have Begotten YouPsalm 2
2016-08-21Kingdom Primer: The Book of DanielDaniel 4:30-37
2016-08-28The Kingdom - Why We Get It WrongMatthew 24:1-2, 29-34
2016-09-11A Missions LetterRomans 15:14-32
2016-09-18The Gospel of GodRomans 1:1-13
2016-09-04The Kingdom - Why We Get it Wrong (Part 2)Acts 17:31-32
2016-09-25The Double Portion2 Kings 2:1
2016-10-02I Am Not Ashamed of the GospelRomans 1:14-17
2016-10-09Why the Wrath of God?Romans 1:18-21
2016-10-16The Way Life IsRomans 1:21-31
2016-10-23Spirituality and SexualityRomans 1:21-32
2016-10-30Reformation Sunday 2016Matthew 28:18-20
2016-11-06The God of All Circumstance1 Samuel 30:1
2016-11-13What Now Do We Seek? What Now Do We Do?1 Timothy 2:1-4
2016-11-20Spirituality and ConflictRomans 1:28-32
2016-11-27Thankfulness1 Thessalonians 5:18
2016-12-04The MagiMatthew 2:1-11
2016-12-11The Star of BethlehemMatthew 2:1-11
2016-12-18JosephMatthew 1:18-25
2017-01-15Our Imbedded Moral SenseRomans 2:14-16
2017-01-22Getting a Biblical Frame of Reference1 Chronicles 12:32
2017-01-01What Time is It?Psalm 90
2017-01-29RationalismMatthew 4:3-4
2017-02-05Progressivism - Part 1Deuteronomy 17:18-20
2017-02-12Progressivism - Part 2Proverbs 8:36
2017-02-19Progressivism - Part 3Deuteronomy 6:4-7
2017-02-26Progressivism , Wealth, and Private PropertyDeuteronomy 8:10-18
2017-03-12JudgingRomans 2:1-2
2017-03-19Man's Judgement; God's JudgementRomans 2:1-2
2017-03-26Judgement and Good NewsRomans 2:3-8, 16
2017-04-02Final Judgement - Who and WhatRomans 2:6-10, 16
2017-04-09Final Judgement - Focus and StandardRomans 2:4-16
2017-04-23Final Judgement for Believers2 Cor. 5:1-10; 1 Cor. 3:8-15
2017-04-30Gold and Silver, Hay and StrawRomans 2:6-8; 1 Cor. 3:10-15
2017-05-07Look to the Empty TombMatthew 27:62
2017-05-14HypocrisyRomans 2:17-24
2017-05-21Formalism: What It Is and Isn'tRomans 2:25-29
2017-06-11The New BeginningDaniel 9:1,9,17
2017-06-18You Are SeedGenesis 2:4-7
2017-06-25Buried Treasure in Daniel's PrayerDaniel 9:1
2017-07-02God in the Flesh1 John 1:1-2
2017-07-09Understanding the Jews Objection to the Gospel and Yet Their Great Need for ItRomans 2:28-29
2017-07-16What Was the Advantage of Being an Israelite?Romans 3:1-4
2017-07-23In Defense of God's Sovereignty and GraceRomans 3:5-8
2017-07-30What's with the Name?1 Corinthians 1:1-3
2017-08-06All Under SinRomans 3:9-18
2017-08-13That Every Mouth May Be StoppedRomans 3:19
2017-08-20God's Righteousness Revealed through Christ's Faithfulness to All Who BelieveRomans 3:20-22
2017-08-27Worship - Part 1Romans 12:1-2
2017-09-03Worship - Part 2Romans 12:1-2
2017-09-10Christ Redeems Us by Paying a Debt We Were Helpless to PayRomans 3:23-25
2017-09-17Christ Delivered Us from a Judgement We Were Helpless to AvoidRomans 3:23-26
2017-09-24Justified Freely by God's GraceRomans 3:23-26
2017-10-01A Propitiation by His BloodRomans 3:23-26
2017-10-08Christ Delivers Us From a Slave Master We Were Helpless to Get Free OfRomans 3:23-26
2017-10-15Why and How to Think About the ReformationJeremiah 9:24; 2 Chronicles 16:9
2017-10-22The Core of the ReformationMatthew 7:24-27
2017-10-29The Maiden, the Prince, and the DragonRevelation 12
2017-11-05Scripture, Authority, Tradition, and the Church1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 11
2017-11-12Solo Scriptura and the Radical ReformationActs 8:26-37
2017-11-19The City of God and the City of ManHebrews 11:1-16
2017-11-26Sola Scriptura and Modern NaturalismMatthew 7:24-27
2017-12-03God Begins to StirLuke 1:1-25
2017-12-10Gabriel Visits Mary, Who Visits ElizabethLuke 1:26-56
2017-12-31The Birth of JesusLuke 2:1-20
2018-01-07Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned?Acts 17:16-34
2018-01-14Making Sense of the Chaos and CarnageJohn 11:32-44
2018-01-21Hypocrisy and Virtue SignalingMatthew 6:1-2, 15:3-7
2018-01-28Unction and Seduction1 John 2:18-29
2018-02-04The Kingdom of GodDaniel 2:31-35
2018-02-11ConversionDaniel 4:28-37
2018-02-18WitnessActs 17:22-31
2018-02-25Wisdom1 Corinthians 14:20
2018-03-04Faith and Law, Jew and GentileRomans 3:27-31
2018-03-11What Did Abraham Receive?Romans 4:1-25
2018-03-18Promise, Faith, Circumcision, and LawRomans 4:9-16
2018-03-25The Problem with the LawRomans 4:14,15
2018-04-08Perseverance, Character, and the Hope of GloryRomans 4:16-5:5
2018-04-15The Assurance of Our HopeRomans 5:5-11
2018-04-22The Big PictureRomans 5:12-21
2018-04-29Union with ChristRomans 6:1-5
2018-05-06Be Angry and Sin NotEphesians 4:26
2018-05-13Recovering Christ's AscensionJohn 20:11-17
2018-05-20Pentecost and the KingdomLuke 13:20-21
2018-05-27You Are My Son, Today I Have Begotten YouPsalm 2
2018-06-03Sit at My Right Hand (Part 1)Psalm 110
2018-06-10Sit at My Right Hand (Part 2)Psalm 110
2018-06-17Basic Biblical Cosmology, Typology, and SymbolismGenesis 1:1-10
2018-06-24Two Basic Biblical Story LinesLuke 9:28-31; John 3:26-29
2018-07-01Biblical Storylines: The Church in the WildernessEzekiel 20:34-38
2018-07-08Understanding Apocalyptic LanguageIsaiah 13:1-19
2018-07-15Distinguishing Final and Temporal JudgementActs 17:22-31
2018-07-29The Olivet Discourse: Your House is Left to You DesolateMatthew 23:29 - 24:3
2018-08-05The Olivet Discourse: What Are the Disciples Asking?Matthew 24:1-3
2018-08-12The Olivet Discourse: See that No One Leads You Astray, and that You Do Not PanicMatthew 24:3-15
2018-08-19The Olivet Discourse: Let Those Who Are in Judea Flee to the MountainsMatthew 24:3-15
2018-08-26The Olivet Discourse: As in the Days of NoahMatthew 24:29-42
2018-09-02The Olivet Discourse: Who is a Faithful and Wise Servant?Matthew 24:42-25:30
2018-09-09The Olivet Discourse: Jesus Judging the NationsMatthew 25:31-32
2018-09-16The Olivet Discourse: Separating Sheep from Goats (Part 1)Matthew 25:31-34, 41, 46
2018-09-23The Olivet Discourse: Separating Sheep from Goats (Part 2)Matthew 25:33-46
2018-09-30Shaking Heaven and EarthHebrews 12:18-29
2018-10-07Worship, Thanksgiving, Love, and DevotionHebrews 12:28-13:3, 15-16
2018-10-14Treasuring MarriageHebrews 3:4
2018-10-21Spirituality and SexualityHebrews 3:4
2018-10-28Wealth and ContentmentHebrews 13:5-6
2018-11-04Contentment vs Coveting and EnvyHebrews 13:5-6
2018-11-11God and ProsperityHebrews 13:5-6
2018-11-18Authority and Submission (Part 1)Hebrews 13:7, 17
2018-11-25Authority and Submission (Part 2)Hebrews 13:7, 17
2018-12-02The Book of the Generations of Jesus ChristMatthew 1:1-17
2018-12-09The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-23
2018-12-16The Visit of the MagiMatthew 2:1-11
2018-12-23Joseph and Family Flee HerodMatthew 2:12-23
2018-12-30Jesus, Israel, and the WorldMatthew 2:13-21
2019-01-06What is a Christian?2 Peter 1:3-4
2019-01-13Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 1)Romans 6:1-11
2019-01-20Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 2)Romans 6:12-18
2019-01-27Shall We Continue in Sin that Grace May Abound? (Part 3)Romans 6:19-23
2019-02-03Understanding the Law (Part 1)Romans 7:1-6
2019-02-17Understanding the Law (Part 2)Romans 7:7-13
2019-02-24Understanding the Law (Part 3)Romans 7:14-25
2019-03-03There Is No Condemnation for Those in Christ JesusRomans 8:1-4
2019-03-10You Are Not in the Flesh, But in the SpiritRomans 8:5-9
2019-03-17Children and Heirs of GodRomans 8:10-17
2019-03-24Suffering and GloryRomans 8:17
2019-03-31The Glory to be Revealed in UsRomans 8:18-25
2019-04-14Behold, Your KingMatthew 21:1-3
2019-04-28All Things for Our GoodRomans 8:26-29
2019-05-05The Personalness and Assurance of God's SalvationRomans 8:28-30
2019-05-12If God is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?Romans 8:31-32
2019-05-19Who Will Bring a Charge Against God's Elect?Romans 8:33-34
2019-05-26Who Will Separate Us from the Love of Christ?Romans 8:35-39
2019-06-16The Glory of Biblical Parenting1 Corinthians 4:15
2019-06-23Young Adulthood, Middle Years, Early YearsEcclesiastes 10:16
2019-06-30The Great NeverthelessPsalm 73
2019-07-07Three Characteristics of a Godly Parenting HouseholdHosea 11:1
2019-07-14Godly House RulesDeuteronomy 8:1-6
2019-07-21Imitating God in the Training of ChildrenHebrews 12:5-11
2019-07-28Laying the Foundation in the Early YearsProverbs 1:7-8; Ephesians 6:1-4
2019-08-04Laying the Foundation in the Early Years 2Proverbs 22:15
2019-08-11Laying the Foundation in the Early Years 2Proverbs 29:15-17
2019-08-18How to Destroy Your Church, Marriage, and LifeActs 5:1-11
2019-08-25A Revelation of the Gospel of Jesus ChristRuth 2:8-13
2019-09-01Final ThoughtsDeuteronomy 6:4-9
2019-09-08Finding HappinessProverbs 3:5-8, 11-15
2019-09-15Going to the Father in PrayerMatthew 6:6-13
2019-09-22Communing with God in His WordJohn 14:21-26
2019-09-29Substance, Depth, and GloryPsalm 1:1-6
2019-10-06FriendsProverbs 12:26
2019-10-13Love is Patient1 Corinthians 13:4
2019-10-20DiligenceProverbs 12:27
2019-10-27What in the World is Going On? Modernism1 Peter 3:15-16
2019-11-10God's Gift of Male and Female, Marriage and SexEphesians 5:24-25, 31-32
2019-11-17Harnessing RomanceProverbs 30:18-19
2019-11-24Gabriel Visits ZachariasLuke 1:1-17
2019-12-01Zacharias Receives a Sign, Elizabeth Conceives, Gabriel Visits MaryLuke 1:18-38
2019-12-08Mary Visits ElizabethLuke 1:39-56
2019-12-15The Birth of John and the Song of ZachariasLuke 1:57-80
2019-12-22The Birth of JesusLuke 2:1-20
2019-12-29They Are Not All Israel Who Are of IsraelRomans 9:1-9
2020-01-05In Isaac Your Seed Shall Be CalledRomans 9:6-9
2020-01-12The Older Shall Serve the YoungerRomans 9:10-13
2020-01-19Jacob I Have Loved, But Esau I Have HatedRomans 9:13
2020-01-26Is There Unrighteousness with God?Romans 9:14-18
2020-02-02Is There Unrighteousness with God? - Part 2Romans 9:14-16
2020-02-09Unless the LORD Had Left Us a SeedRomans 9:19-29
2020-02-16The Potter and the Clay (Part 1)Romans 9:19-29
2020-02-23The Potter and the Clay (Part 2)Romans 9:19-24
2020-03-01Justified Freely by God's GraceRomans 3:23-26
2020-03-08Faith in Christ vs 'Works of the Law'Romans 9:30-33
2020-03-15The Goal of the Law is Christ's Righteousness for All Who BelieveRomans 10:1-4
2020-03-22Thinking, Praying, and Living as Christians in Interesting TimesHebrews 12:22-28
2020-03-29The Word of Faith which We Preach (Part 1)Romans 10:5-8
2020-04-05The Word of Faith which We Preach (Part 2)Romans 10:8-10
2020-04-19Whoever Believes on HimRomans 10:11-13
2020-04-26There Is No Distinction Between Jew and GentileRomans 10:12
2020-05-03Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of GodRomans 10:14-18
2020-05-10I Stretched Out My Hands to a Contrary PeopleRomans 10:19-21
2020-05-17Has God Cast Away His People?Romans 11:1-12
2020-06-07God's One PeopleRomans 11:13-24
2020-05-24Recovering Christ's Ascension
2020-05-31Recovering Pentecost
2020-06-14The Depth of the Riches of the Wisdom of GodRomans 11:12-15, 25-36
2020-06-21Present Yourselves to God as Living SacrificesRomans 12:1
2020-06-28Do Not Be Conformed to This WorldRomans 12:2
2020-07-05Do Not Be Conformed to This World #2Romans 12:2
2020-07-12Do Not Be Conformed to This World #3Romans 12:2
2020-07-19Biblical Civil DisobedienceHebrews 10:19-25
2020-07-26We, Being Many, Are One Body in ChristRomans 12:3-8
2020-08-02Genuine LoveRomans 12:9-13
2020-08-09Genuine Love (Part 2)Romans 12:9-13
2020-08-16Overcome Evil with GoodRomans 12:14-21
2020-08-23Overcome Evil with Good (Part 2)Romans 12:14-21
2020-08-30Love is Kind1 Corinthians 13:4
2020-09-06Governing AuthoritiesRomans 13:1-7
2020-09-13Rendering to All Their Due While Seeking First the KingdomRomans 13:7
2020-09-20Why We Should Give Thanks for Our Founding Documents1 Timothy 2:1-4
2020-09-27Owe No One Anything Except to Love One AnotherRomans 13:8-10
2020-10-04Knowing the TimeRomans 13:11-14
2020-10-11Knowing the Time (Part 2)Romans 13:11-14
2020-10-18Love Does Not Envy1 Corinthians 13:4
2020-10-25It Is High Time to AwakeRomans 13:11-12
2020-11-01It Is High Time for Us to AwakeRomans 13:11-14
2020-11-08Walk Properly, As In The DayRomans 13:12-14
2020-11-15Love Is Not Proud1 Corinthians 13:4-5
2020-11-22Love Is Not Proud 21 Corinthians 13:4-5
2020-11-29The Great ResetMatthew 1:1-17
2020-12-06The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-23
2020-12-13Immanuel and the MagiMatthew 1:22-2:11
2020-12-20Joseph and Family Flee HerodMatthew 2:12-22
2020-12-27He Shall Be Called a NazareneMatthew 2:23
2021-01-03The Weaker Brother (Part 1)Romans 14:1-3
2021-01-10The Weaker Brother (Part 2)Romans 14:1-15:13